Wow, Netflix’s BioShock Movie Sounds Like It Could Be Incredible

Netflix’s BioShock film adaptation is already brimming with the potential to be an incredible movie. Studios have been attempting to produce a BioShock movie adaptation for years with no success. Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski had even been pulled by Universal Studios to direct and then produce a BioShock adaptation, but his loyalty to the film’s high budget and R-rating meant the film never came to fruition. Now, the film has ended up in Netflix’s hands, and some big names have already signed on to bring Rapture to life.


First released in 2007, the BioShock video game trilogy tells the story of the underwater city of Rapture. Originally conceived as a utopia by business mogul Andrew Ryan in the 1940s, the city fell to decay and destruction after the discovery of a gene-altering material — ADAM — led to anarchy and civil war. Now, the utopia has been long-forgotten under the ocean, overrun with plasmid-obsessed mutants known as Splicers, biologically-grafted mech suits known as Big Daddies, and orphaned girls known as Little Sisters. When BioShock‘s main character, Jack Wynand, discovers the city after surviving a plane crash, he discovers only he can save the Little Sisters from this crumbling metropolis. Combining the philosophies of figures like Ayn Rand and George Orwell and a biopunk aesthetic with a 1960s flair, BioShock creates a truly unique world in Rapture.

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Bringing such a unique world to life is going to require some big talent, and Netflix is bringing in the big guns. Director Francis Lawrence, who has directed the Hunger Games trilogy and I Am Legend, has signed on to lead the film alongside screenwriter Michael Green, who is known for his work on Logan and Blade Runner 2049. Both Lawrence and Green have an extensive history of handling complex worlds, filled with their own lore and character-driven stories. To build a rich universe like Rapture, these two veterans of dystopian flicks make the perfect team to head Netflix’s BioShock movie adaptation.

What The BioShock Movie Needs In Order To Be Good

The two things that made the BioShock games great are the same things the movie needs to pull off successfully; a fully immersive world and a character-driven story. Building the city of Rapture is quite a task, but portraying the failed utopia properly is paramount to the film’s success. BioShock‘s setting is a major driving force to the game’s story. Without it, the film could easily get lost in the sea of dystopian movies. BioShock‘s second strength lies in its cast of colorful characters, both heroes and villains alike. Whatever characters the film chooses to use need to do justice to their video game counterparts — especially those who have become iconic of the game itself, like the Big Daddies and Little Sisters. Both Lawrence and Green have previous experience spearheading films with similar requirements, which bodes well for the fate of the BioShock film.

Developing a video game into a film format is always a risky endeavor, but when done successfully, the result can be spectacular. BioShock provides a rich and captivating world that could be breathtaking if treated with care. The BioShock trilogy possesses enough lore, characters, and world-building to make a spectacular film, and the names Netflix has attached to the project already are a great sign for the success of the adaptation. While the movie is still early in its development and could still fall victim to the issues that plagued the first movie, Netflix’s BioShock has the chance to be a truly great movie.

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