This PC case lets you draw in RGB right on the glass panels

Aerocool recently announced Skribble, a new mid-tower PC case with a unique feature that will appeal to anyone with an artistic side. The tempered glass front and side panels of the Skribble can be removed and used as a canvas for custom artwork.

After finishing your masterpiece and replacing the panels on the Skribble, you get to enjoy your sketch as it lights up with addressable RGB lighting and fans.

A Flash Color liquid chalk marker that’s used for sketching on the glass panels and a cleaning cloth are included. To help light up your art, Aerocool’s Skribble case comes with one 120mm addressable RGB rear fan and a 6-port hub with PWM control functions that supports up to six AeroCool 6-pin addressable RGB fans and up to two 3-pin Addressable RGB accessories. Two black 120mm fans are also included at the front.

The Skribble PC case on a table.

Pricing and availability of the Skribble haven’t been announced yet but should be coming soon. The product is shown on the company’s website. Aerocool cases are usually affordably priced in the $50 to $100 range but this one might be a bit more since it has this unique feature. You can get a preview of how your PC might look with some well-drawn sketches, lit with colorful LEDs dancing within, in the video above.

While the company shows some drawing on the panels when they’re removed, it should also be possible to jot a note on the case with the liquid chalk marker as well or doodle when you’re waiting on the PC to boot up or a game to load. Keep in mind that with this case, your artistic skill, or lack thereof, will be apparent when backlit with LEDs. The good news is that sketches made with the included water-based marker are easily erasable.

The Skribble isn’t strictly for artwork but is designed for functionality as well. Like many of the best PC cases, it can hold two 3.5-inch drives and five 2.5-inch drives; accepts ATX, micro ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards; and supports vertical GPU mounting. Air and liquid cooling are possible so this case not only looks cool but should be able to keep your PC temperature under control.

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