The Little Jungle Cup Remix tier list in Pokémon Go – September 2022

A new season has arrived for Pokémon Go, the Season of Light. There will also be a massive new array of Battle League competitions starting on September 1. The first unique cup feature at the start is the Little Jungle Cup Remix, allowing players to use an array of Pokémon, vastly different from what they might be used to in traditional Battle League competitions. This guide covers the Little Jungle Cup Remix tier list for Pokémon Go.

Little Jungle Cup Remix tier list

All Pokémon featured in this competition must be at or below 500 CP. You can only use Bug, Dark, Electric, Flying, Grass, Ground, Normal, or Poison-type Pokémon. In addition, all players cannot use Cottonee, Ducklett, Skorupi, or Salandit in these battles.

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Lead tier list

Your Lead Pokémon on your team will be the one you place at the front of the competition. It is the first option you use. You want to find a Pokémon suitable for taking a few hits themselves, but they have enough attack power to hit your opponents several times, potentially toppling the first option. Therefore, you want to reserve at least one shield for this Pokémon.

Tier Pokémon
S Galarian Stunfisk, Onix, Scrafty, Shelmet, and Skarmory
A Deino, Diggersby, Forretress, Litleo, and Steelix
B Barboach, Gligar, Golbat, Pachirisu, and Vigoroth
C Azurill, Budew, Dragalg,e Mantine, and Whishcash
D Drifloon, Ferrothorn, Lotad, Tropius, and Venonat

Switch tier list

Your Switch Pokémon will be the choice you typically swap into, normally for your first or last option. Your Switch Pokémon will typically be the one that can swap into a fight and act as a counter to protect your Pokémon, but they will have more attack power than defense. You want to reserve at least one shield for this Pokémon, or you want to use both of them.

Tier Pokémon
S Farfetch’d, Galarian Stunfisk, Gligar, Mandibuzz, and Shelmet
A Chikorita, Dragalge, Scizor, Spinda, and Wigglytuff
B Beedrill, Diggersby, Golbat, Lickitung, and Nincada
C Hippowdon, Jigglypuff, Teddiursa, Tentacool, and Umbreon
D Croagunk, Dwebble, Persian, Sentret, and Zubat

Closer tier list

The final Pokémon in your roster is going to be your Closer. This is the Pokémon you want to save as your last option to help protect you from your opponent. This Pokémon is similar to the Lead choice in it has balance attack and defense power, but you want it to be a bit more defensive. You normally do not want to reserve any shields for this Pokémon, so it should be able to take a hit.

Tier Pokémon
S Chansey, Farfetch’d, Galarian Stunfisk, Pinsir, and Skarmory
A Hisuian Qwilfish, Magnemite, Mareep, Qwilfish, and Scrafty
B Barboach, Diggersby, Lickitung, Pangoro, and Scyther
C Ferrothorn, Pawniard, Piloswine, Roserade, and Roxicroak
D Crawdaunt, Drifloon, Heracross, Mandibuzz, and Vullaby

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