Super Hero Could Get an Anime Arc

There’s been a recent trend with anime series, especially shonen series, to release canon movies. In the past, such movies had no obligations to adhere to the canon story, and even if they did, the events of those movies wouldn’t necessarily affect the story of the manga; for all intents and purposes, these movies acted as filler content. Nowadays, however, more anime are tying their movies more directly into the plot of the anime and even remaking them for the series proper; this tendency has been largely attributed to the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. This developing trend in the anime industry has left Dragon Ball fans wondering how their favorite franchise will respond and adapt.

This question has become especially relevant with the recent release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Also, there are rumors indicating that the Dragon Ball Super anime will return sometime next year. Whenever the anime comes back, the question of whether the events of Super Hero will be adapted into it will need to be answered.

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It’s important to remember that the anime has adapted movie content in the past. The first two arcs of DBS were retellings of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. If the return of Dragon Ball Super follows the same trend, then an adaption of Super Hero and maybe even Dragon Ball Super: Broly should be expected.

However, it’s essential to consider just where Super Hero would have to fall on the timeline. If its events are, in fact, canon, then there are several new characters, power-ups, and age-ups that need to be accounted for. In order for Super Hero to fit in the anime adaption, it will have to be placed somewhere that can accommodate these major changes to the story.

However, this is where things get a little tricky. While the first run of the DBS anime concluded with the Universe Survival Saga, the manga has long since continued beyond it. DBS: Broly fits shortly after this saga, even in the manga, but Super Hero is another matter entirely. Super Hero is supposed to take place after the events of DBS: Broly. However, there’s no way to reconcile this point in time with what happens in the manga following the battle with Broly. For example, despite gaining new forms, Gohan and Piccolo never use them in the Galactic Prisoner Saga that follows Broly. Furthermore, despite looking like young teenagers in Super Hero, Goten and Trunks still look like children in the same saga from the manga. This is to say nothing of Pan already being three in this movie. Despite what Broly’s presence would have one believe, this movie seems to take place years after where the manga is currently at.

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The best way to fit Super Hero into the anime timeline would be to change the timeline slightly. Something like this was done with the events Battle of Gods and Resurrection F; rather than set them years after the battle with Majin Buu, both of them were reworked to take place only a few months later. This worked as most of the characters, despite being a few years older, didn’t seem to age physically in the movies.

Adapting Super Hero, however, will require a slightly different approach. Since characters like Goten, Trunks, and Pan are unquestionably older in the movie, the story would have to take place sometime after even the latest events of the manga. Anything that suggests the events of this movie take place shortly after the events of the last one will either have to be altered or removed. It’s either this or the manga story will have to be changed significantly in the anime to accommodate the new movie.

In any case, the next batch of DBS episodes and any potential Super Hero arcs are both still a ways away. When they do finally come out, however, they should be a welcome gift for Dragon Ball fans the world over. For now, however, fans should catch Super Hero in theaters while they still can.

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