Shiny Slugma fail teaches unprepared Pokemon Go player a big lesson

A Pokemon Go player learned a very important lesson after encountering a Shiny Slugma without the proper tools they needed to catch it.

Shiny Pokemon are highly sought after because of their rarity. Introduced in Gen 2 of the Pokemon franchise, players calling themselves Shiny hunters have formed communities focused on finding these special creatures.

While the odds of finding a Shiny in the mainline games are pretty low, Pokemon Go is one of the easiest games when it comes to Shiny hunting. That’s because the odds are lowered across the board, and there are special events each month that raise these odds making it very easy for players to catch multiple shinies in a day.

But even while Pokemon Go gives players a plethora of resources for free – including Pokeballs and berries – some players still manage to fail Shiny Pokemon.

Unprepared player fails Shiny Slugma

On September 20, Reddit user ThatRandomDev shared an unfortunate story with the r/pokemongo subreddit. OP captioned the photo with only three short words – “well that sucks” – and included a screenshot of a Shiny Slugma. But below the Slugma was a blank space indicating the trainer was out of Pokeballs.

The majority of comments were from confused players who didn’t understand why a trainer would encounter Pokemon if they didn’t have Pokeballs.

However, there were those who offered tips on how ThatRandomDev could have obtained Pokeballs. Ivi-Tora stated, “Activate your Daily Incense to get 30 free Pokeballs.” A few users claimed they would have spent the $0.99 to buy Pokeballs, and there are even free boxes that contain a few capture devices.

OP did let curious trainers know that the Shiny Slugma had respawned before they were able to obtain Pokeballs. Hopefully, they’ve learned their lesson and will come more prepared when checking for Shiny Pokemon in the future.

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