Pokemon Go in August sees more Legendary Pokemon in Raids, the Go Fest finale, and the Bugs Out! event

July on Pokémon Go is about to wrap up with the Ultra Unlocked Hisuian Discoveries event. It has been quite an eventful month with Pokémon Go Fest and other events. August promises to continue all the action. The final leg of the Fest will take place next month alongside the usual Community Day, Raids, and more.

August Raids

Niantic has been treating players with Legendary Pokémon in raids since last month, which featured Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres. In August, Pokémon GO trainers will have a chance to add super powerful characters like Palkia, Zacian, Zamazenta, and Genesect to their squads. These Legendary Pokémon are definitely not something anyone would want to miss out on. Meanwhile, Mega Raids will feature Abomasnow, Slowbro, Ampharos, and a mystery Pokémon.

Spotlight Hours

Spotlight Hours are held every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time. This month’s spotlight Pokémon and bonuses are:

  • August 2nd – Hisuian Voltorb with 2x Catch Stardust
  • August 9th – Nidoran with 2x Catch XP
  • August 16th – Joltik with 2x Catch Candy
  • August 23rd – Nidoran with 2x Transfer Candy
  • August 30th – Pidove with 2x Evolve XP

Community Day

August’s Community Day event will be held on the 13th and it will feature Galarian Zigzagoon, the Tiny Raccoon Pokémon. Read all about it in our recent article.

Upcoming Events

  • Pokémon Go Fest – The third and final in-person meet at Saporro will take place from August 5th. A global finale will also be held on August 27th but more on that later.
  • Bug Out!: The creepy crawly Pokémon are back to take over Pokémon Go with their event taking place between August 10th and 16th.
  • 2022 Pokémon World Championships event – This year’s World Championship will be the first one to also feature Pokémon Go and so Niantic is hosting a celebratory event from August 18th.

Besides this, there will be a new research breakthrough, more anti-cheat measures, and additional language packs.

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