Pixel 7 pre-orders will open October 6

Google ad fine print confirms our assumptions

We’ve known for some time that Google is set to fully unveil its latest batch of products at an event happening in just a few weeks. As early as August, we heard that pre-orders for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro would begin right after the event, and now, a Google ad has confirmed our suspicions: you’ll be able to place your orders for Google’s latest phones starting on October 6.

In an ad uploaded to YouTube featuring folks Google describes as “real Google Pixel owners,” people marvel at a blurred-out Pixel 7 Pro, praising the device’s design and playfully asking about “top secret” new features and whether they can keep the new phone after filming. At the end of the spot, the Pixel 7 Pro is revealed, and fine-print text at the bottom of the frame reads “Pre-order starting October 6, 2022.”


It’s worth noting here that the video is specifically about the Pixel 7 Pro, despite people featured referring to it as “Pixel 7” or even just “7.” Still, it’d be unusual for Pixel 7 Pro pre-orders to begin earlier than standard Pixel 7 pre-orders. It’s safe to take this as confirmation that you’ll be able to place an order for either phone very soon after the devices are detailed on-stage on October 6. On-shelf availability for the phones isn’t confirmed yet, but we’ve heard rumors it’ll be two weeks later, starting October 18. The video also references the Pixel Watch that will be featured at the same event, but doesn’t offer any availability details for the wearable.

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