Naruto’s Most Mysterious Character Needs to Be Explained in Boruto

One of the Naruto’s final chapters shows off a mysterious background character in Kaguya’s dimension. It’s up to Boruto to clear up who this could be.

While Naruto ended long ago, the ninja world’s story continues in the sequel series, Boruto. As such, it is Boruto‘s job to tell its own story but also pick up any loose threads that Naruto left and tie them off. This is the case with a mysterious background character found in one of the final chapters of the former series. Who is this character, and is it possible they’ve already been introduced in Boruto?

The final battle of Naruto sees its titular character and his Squad 7 comrades fight the alien invader, Kaguya Otsutsuki. Kaguya has the incredibly powerful ability to move between different dimensions at will, and so this battle takes place everywhere from the fiery pits of a volcano to ice-capped mountains and barren wastelands. When Obito sacrifices himself to save Naruto in the latter environment, the aforementioned background character can be seen.


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This happens in Chapter 687 of the Naruto manga. As Black Zetsu laments how pitiful Obito was, a silhouetted, humanoid being can be seen standing on one of the mountain ridges in the background, observing the battle. And it seems that it was just a brief observation, as a few panels later the mountain can be seen again but with this being noticeably absent. With that established, it’s up to Boruto to clear up who this character is, and there’s a chance it already has.

Since this battle takes place in Kaguya’s alternate dimensions, there’s a pretty good chance that the character is an Otsutsuki, and Boruto has already introduced several of them. It could very well be a character that fans have already met, and the appearance in Chapter 687 was just a subtle Easter egg. There is a subreddit discussing who it might be, and although it has its jokes (like the character being Masashi Kishimoto himself), some of the comments suggest that it’s Urashiki Otsutsuki, who had a prominent role and arc in the Boruto anime. That’s just a possibility, so there’s also a chance that the character could be part of an upcoming plot thread within Boruto, or it could just be a forgotten plot thread altogether. As disappointing as the latter would be, it does happen, and it’s something that the popular manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is notorious for.

This mysterious background character from Naruto could be someone fans already know, or a new character altogether. Whatever the case may be with them, Boruto is the perfect opportunity to clear it up.

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