Naruto’s Most Infamous Villain is More Gruesome Than Most Fans Know

Warning: Manga images may be disturbing to some!

The most infamous villain in the entirety of the Naruto manga is way more gruesome than most fans know, especially if those fans have only watched the Naruto anime. Orochimaru is a scientist, of sorts, who values the eternal continuation of his own life above all else. In order to achieve his wicked goals, he does experiments on people in a laboratory set up specifically for his dark tasks. While his methods are shown to be grossly inhumane in the anime, fans get a clearer picture of Orochimaru’s gruesome brutality in the Naruto manga. 


Orochimaru made his first appearance in Naruto Chapter 45 titled “The Second Exam!!” by Masashi Kishimoto. In the chapter, Naruto travels deep into the forest to pass a series of trials for his exams. During the trials, Naruto runs into Orochimaru who is revealed to have been an ex-pupil of the Third Hokage but was exiled from Konoha. It was later revealed that Orochimaru was so powerful, no one in Konoha at that time could defeat him, which immediately elevated his villainous presence upon his debut. 

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While his introduction let fans know immediately that Orochimaru is a force to be reckoned with, it isn’t until the villain’s laboratory is shown that Orochimaru becomes truly infamous. The villain’s lab, also known as the Island Laboratory, is the location of Orochimaru’s vile experiments which he conducts to uncover the secret to immortality. Within the lab is a number of terrifying pieces of surgical equipment with the most stunning aspect being the giant blood transfusion machine Orochimaru uses to extract blood from his victims and funnels into himself whenever he has been weakened. In the Naruto anime, the lab is sleek and sanitized, which is a far cry from the way it looks in the manga. 

In the Naruto manga, Orochimaru’s lab is littered with the bodies of his victims, with their corpses hanging everywhere after the villain was through with them. While the anime is a solid adaptation, the show definitely scrubbed the lab of this truly disturbing aspect that was shown in the manga. 

Naruto fans are more than familiar with the villainy of Orochimaru, whether they only watch the anime, read the manga, or experience the series through both forms of media. However, for those that read the manga, Orochimaru is displayed as a much more disturbing villain as readers are able to actually see the outcome of his vile experiments as opposed to the evil he does within the laboratory simply being alluded to like in the anime. Naruto’s most infamous villain is more gruesome than most fans know as Orochimaru doesn’t clean up his lab of his victims’ corpses in the manga like he evidently does in the anime.

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