Naruto Explains the True Danger Eida Poses

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has started to reveal how much of a true danger Eida really could be with the newest chapter of the series! Ever since she was introduced to the series as one of the android weapons that was deemed too troublesome for even Kara to use for their purposes, Eida has been one of the most intriguing elements of this Code-focused arc. Because while Code is squarely focused on fulfilling his dream of summoning the Ten-Tails, Eida’s motives and a slate of abilities are much more mysterious and tease why she’s helping the Kara remnant in the first place.

The previous chapter of the series saw Eida officially making her move when Code popped up in a secret attack on Amado and Shikamaru. This seemed to take Amado by surprise, and while previous chapters had revealed Eida’s explanation of her abilities, seeing Amado’s reaction and his breakdown of what she’s truly capable of really teases how much danger she’s going to pose to the Hidden Leaf Village until she somehow gets exactly what she wants. Now it’s just a matter of seeing it all unfold. 

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Chapter 69 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations sees Amado explain to Shikamaru just how dangerous Eida’s powers actually are. Her ability to make others fall in love with her essentially “enchants” everyone on an instinctual level, and each person reacts differently to it. Even someone as completely mechanical as Delta is caught up in this, and the symptoms can range from full infatuation to having physical ailments such as vertigo. Eida herself can’t control this power, and it won’t go away until she dies herself. 

Even as Shikamaru tries to break free of it, Amado tells him to stop resisting as it could break Shikamaru’s mind from the struggle of it. So with an ability like that and a motivation that’s driven by her love for Kawaki, there’s really no telling just how much of a true danger Eida poses to Boruto and the others. She’s yet to fully get into combat herself because this ability has impacted everyone around her, but if she does meet Kawaki we’ll see what happens when she’s likely rejected. 

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