Naruto Celebrates Spring With Official New Art

The world of Naruto has been running in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump for decades, with the story of the Seventh Hokage introducing a new generation of ninjas within the Hidden Leaf Village via Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. With the manga and the anime series following Konoha during two very different adventures, the Shonen series has released new official artwork that sees Naruto and his fellow ninjas taking a well-deserved breather and celebrating the spring season.   

In the pages of the manga currently, Code is far from being defeated, as the heir apparent to Jigen is attempting to fulfill the dreams of the Otsutsuki and harness the chakra of the ninja world. With the Shonen creator, Masashi Kishimoto, returning to writing duties, we’ve seen some major events take place since his comeback, including the deaths of both Jigen and the Nine-Tailed Fox Kurama, which was previously a major ace in the hole of the Seventh Hokage. As the latest chapter of Boruto sees the return of Delta, now fighting alongside the ninjas of the Hidden Leaf thanks to the machinations of Amado, Code’s new allies Eida and Daemon have entered the fray, which is sure to spell serious trouble for Boruto and company.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared the official art from Naruto that sees the vast majority of the ninjas of Konoha assembling not to battle against the Kara Organization or another major threat, but rather taking the opportunity to enjoy a breather while celebrating the spring season as they await their next ninja battle:

It might be some time before we see the events of the manga take place in the anime once again, as the television series played serious catch up with the battle against Jigen, which nearly had the anime catching up with the latest chapters of the manga. Though there have been a number of chapters of the manga that were released for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations following the anime adaptation, the monthly release schedule for the Shonen series makes it that it might be quite a while before this current battle against Code hits the small screen. 

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