Mew Coming to Pokemon UNITE September 2

As part of its first-anniversary celebration, Pokemon UNITE has revealed details on the newest Pokemon that will be joining the fray next month, as well as some new details on the latest events and features players can be expected in September. The biggest piece of news is that the Pokemon UNITE will be adding the Mythical Pokemon Mew to its roster on September 2, 2022, the first of three new Pokemon previously teased to be coming to the game.

The other two are Dodrio (September 14) and Scizor (September 28), and the most recent trailer shared additional details on the upcoming Theia Sky Ruins map and a new event involving iconic trainers from across the series.

Pokemon UNITE: Mew, Theia Sky Ruins, Legacy Trainers, and More

The Mythical Pokemon Mew will be the first of the three new fighters added to Pokemon UNITE on September 2, and as seen in the newest trailer, players will need to collect mural fragments in order to unlock Mew’s Unite license. The exact method for finding these fragments has not been revealed at the time, but players can likely expect more information on Mew’s release date, as there is a challenge called Mew’s Mural Challenge on the official roadmap.

Mew will have more learnable moves than any other Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE, as well as the ability to forget and re-learn moves throughout the battle.

In addition to Mew, Dodrio will be arriving in Pokemon UNITE on September 14, followed by Bug/Steel type Scizor on September 28. Mew will also be receiving its own special Holowear for players to purchase.

Pokemon UNITE September Update Roadmap

In addition to the three new Pokemon, more information was shared about the new map: the Thea Sky Ruins.

Situated on a high mountain, this area will feature strong winds that will blow through the ruins and affect Pokemon throughout matches. Players can also encounter a number of legendary wile Pokemon, including the Regi Trio and Rayquaza, the latter of which will supposedly make players’ scores unblockable for a short time after being defeated.

Finally, a new event called the Legacy Trainer Showdown will also be added for a limited time to Pokemon UNITE on September 9. In it, players will be able to do battle against iconic Pokemon trainers from across the series, including Leon, Korrina, Raihan, and Leaf, who will be using their signature Pokemon.

Players can still participate in the Invite-a-Friend campaign and the Returning Trainer Support Event to earn special rewards.

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