Legendary Villains from Naruto Loved by Everyone

Naruto Villains

One of the most precious manga series of all time, Naruto has won the hearts of over a million anime lovers. Not only the protagonist but the antagonists of the series have also made a remarkable impact on all its viewers. Some of these villains are still remembered for their strong character and a list of these villains is given below.

1- Zabuza Momochi

The former high-ranking ninja of Kiri and introductory villain to the manga series, Zabuza was a very powerful, gifted ninja. Zabuza drew viewers’ attention and made them treasure his character because of the beautiful bond he shared with Haku. His character, even though being an antagonist, received a lot of love from the viewers.

2- Haku

The heir of the Yuki clan and an orphan from the Land of Water, Haku is one of the most loved antagonists of the series. Of the reasons why Haku became the audience’s favorite is the bond that he shared with Zabuza. Some of the scenes featuring Zabuza and Haku live in the minds of the viewers rent-free and made the viewers fall in love with both of them.

3- Pain

One of the most legendary characters of Naruto, Pain has received all the love and affection from the audience that any antagonist character can only wish for. Pain has its own separate fanbase for many reasons including his backstory as Nagato, which made the audience fond of his character even more.

4- Hidan

The major antagonist of the manga and the partner of Kakuzu, Hidan is one of the most renowned rivals of Naruto. His prolongation of the fight against Shikamaru earned him a huge amount of love and respect from the audience adding him to the list of one of the most popular antagonists of the manga series.

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