Konyakuhaki Sareta Reijo wo Hirotta Anime Adaptation Announced

The Konyakuhaki Sareta Reijo wo Hirotta Ore Ga, Ikenai Koto wo Oshiekomu Oishi Mono wo Tabesasete Oshare wo Sasete, Sekaichi Shiawasena Shojo Ni Produce! fantasy manga by Ichiho Katsura is getting adapted into an anime. The news was shared by the Pash Comics’ Twitter account with a preview of the upcoming fifth tankoubon volume’s cover, with the obi announcing the anime adaptation.

Katsura also released an illustration to commemorate the anime’s announcement.

Konyaku Haki Sareta Reijo Wo Hirotta Ore Ga began in 2020 and will release its latest volume on September 2. The premise sees a feared misanthropic wizard taking in Charlotte, a duke’s daughter who was cast out of her homeland and had her engagement to a prince broken for a crime she did not commit. 

The Shufutoseikatsusha-published manga, which is serialized on Pash Up! and published under the Pash Comics label, is itself an adaptation. The story began as a web novel on Shousetsuka ni Narou in 2019 with Sametarou Fukada as the author. A light novel version by Fukada with illustrations from Sakura Miwabe began in March 2020.

Sources: @pashcomics, @katura69, press release

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