Is Boruto Really Dead In The Manga?

The recent chapter of Boruto manga has put the fans in a shock. In the chapter, Kawaki makes a hole in Boruto’s chest with a powerful attack, supposedly killing him. But is Boturo really dead? Well, here’s our theory that might curb your curiosity.

Boruto is a sequel to the legendary manga Naruto which follows the life of Naruto’s son Boruto. The manga’s first volume was released on May 9th, 2016, and still running. Till now, a total of 16 volumes of Boruto have been published.

The recent chapter 66 was one of the most shocking chapters of Boruto. Everyone is shocked to see how Kawaki is able to regenerate his lost karma back, and he is ready to fight back Borushiki. After a long fierce battle between Kawaki and Boroshiki, Boruto is finally able to get control of his body. But due to the consecutive threats from Momoshiki, Boruto makes a shocking decision and asks Kiwaki to kill him.


Unexpectedly, Kawaki makes a hole in Boruto’s chest with his transformed hand. And at the end of the chapter, we see Boruto lying on the ground, completely lifeless. So, it’s normal for fans to wonder if Boruto is really dead?

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Is Boruto Really Dead?

Judging from the chapter’s end, it’s safe to say that Boruto has died from Kawaki’s attack. That said, there’s no way that he’ll stay dead. Boruto is most likely to get revived from the deadly attack of Kawaki, all thanks to Momoshiki.

Momoshiki is so strong that he can easily heal even the most fatal injuries without much effort. Let’s understand how mighty is Momoshiki’s healing power. Apparently, an Otsutsuki named Haguromo Utsutsuki created nine beasts: Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei Gyuki, and Kurama. Shukaku (one-tailed beast) is the weakest, and Kurama (nine-tailed beast) is the strongest. The nine-tailed beast existed within Naruto before he sacrificed himself. With the help of Kurama, Naruto was able to heal his severe injuries in no time.

Now the Otsutsuki that resides in Boruto right now is Momoshiki. And he is far superior to Haguromo Otsutsuki. So we can well imagine how powerful he is compared to Haguromo Utsutsuki. Meaning it won’t be that difficult for him to heal Boruto. Now, why would Momoshiki revive Boruto? Well, he’ll do that simply to save his life as well; If Boruto dies, Momoshiki has to die with him.

There’s another strong reason to believe why Boruto will survive. This reason takes us back to the start of Boruto, where Kawaki and Boruto are seen in their teenage far in the future. So if Boruto dies anytime sooner, it will be like the manga is contradicting itself.

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