Himawari’s Kidnapping Teases She Could Redeem Kawaki

One of the biggest mysteries in the Boruto franchise has been what will eventually cause Kawaki to break bad. The series opened with him destroying the Hidden Leaf and fighting Boruto when they were older, while also reaffirming he killed Naruto. Right now, however, the anime and manga are depicting Kawaki in Konoha as the Hokage’s adopted son and someone who’s trying to be a good friend and brother to Boruto.

Thus, fans are intrigued as to how Kawaki becomes this villain and why he turned on the place he called home after meeting villains such as Isshiki, the returning Momoshiki in Boruto’s body, and the new tyrant in town, Code. However, Episode 266 of the Boruto anime hints at what could redeem Kawaki down the line, and help him walk back his sins.

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Kawaki’s Bond With Himawari Could Help Him in the Future

It all went down when Aniki and his goons, Oppo and Teru, kidnapped Osuka and Himawari outside their school in this filler episode. They wanted to hold them hostage to get money and info on the tech that Konoha was developing, but Kawaki arrived to save the girls. Aniki had already overcome Himawari’s Byakugan talents, but Kawaki charged through Aniki’s flame jutsu to knock him down.

Kawaki called Himawari a genius after, though, marveling over how persistent and resilient she was. He was clearly in awe of her, but what stood out was how Oppo and Teru promised her they’d redeem themselves after getting arrested. These thugs — who only knew poverty their whole lives — had never wanted to hurt anyone by following Aniki. They vowed to turn their life around after being inspired by Himawari’s kindness toward them, and an Osuka who hated her.

Kawaki was floored by this show of heart and soul, realizing she had the “talk no jutsu” technique down pat, which Naruto used in the past to convince villains to U-turn. Boruto deployed this as well, but it’s hard to see their words working on Kawaki. But should Himawari be around, given how Kawaki has bonded with her, she could talk him down. It stems from him rebuilding her vase in the past when he first came to the village as a brat, to now being her unofficial bodyguard at school while Boruto trains up with Team 7.

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Kawaki Trusts Himawari More Than Boruto or Naruto

Most of all, the way Kawaki openly embraces Himawari as a sister is what creates that sense of hope. He still keeps Naruto and Boruto at arm’s length, sensing they just don’t want him to be a weapon against them, but he’s open and vulnerable with Himawari, as she just likes him for who he really is.

Thus, should she power up as a warrior, just like the fight with Naruto and Sasuke back in the day, once Himawari gets him in a position to remember things like this kidnapping and the light he has inside, Kawaki can ultimately revert. In fact, they don’t even need to dabble in combat; once Himawari gets a chance to speak, her genuine, loving nature and piercing eyes can open the door for a second chance, reminding Kawaki why she’s the one person he trusts most.

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