Gotham Knights Has a Brand New Gotham City, Devs Share How They Built It

WB Games Montreal developers dive deep into the extensive history they have built from the ground up for Gotham Knights’ Gotham City, in a new IGN First video. The developers share more info about the founding of the city, the events that leads to the new game’s events, and the new map that is rumored to be the biggest Gotham City in any game.

Gotham Knight’s Gotham City is now revealed to have been built back in the 1650s when four families, the Waynes, the Arkhams, the Cobblepots, and the Elliots first settled on the land and built a colonial fort together.

The city is divided into four major boroughs, each distinct with architecture and identity that reflects the family that built it. This allows the city to tell its own story and history as players explore more.

The developers also promise an ever-expanding mystery that is embedded in the history of the city so deep, that even Batman didn’t know about it.

“So with that in mind, what we knew is that we needed to give you a sense of Gotham’s history in order to be able to show all the ways in which the court is embedded in that. That feeling that Gotham is kind of an adversary in a way, and that the Court of Owls is the embodiment of that, the personification of it.”

Gotham Knights is coming out on October 25, 2022, and is now available for pre-order on the game’s official website. Fans can expect even more trailers that reveal more about the game as the release date approaches, stay tuned to MP1st for all the latest updates.

Source: IGN

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