Google expands Play Games for PC beta access to more areas

More gamers can now join the waitlist

One of Windows 11’s most eagerly anticipated features was the ability to run Android apps and games. Microsoft’s implementation relies on the Amazon Appstore, and the stable version hasn’t rolled out in many regions yet. Meanwhile, Google has introduced its own approach to app virtualization on Windows, dubbed Play Games for PC. The service is currently in beta but is still making rapid strides, as Google has just expanded it to two new markets.


Google Play Games for PC is the search giant’s version of an Android App Store for Windows. As the name implies, it lets you install and play Android games on Windows computers, and you aren’t even limited to Windows 11. The company announced the endeavor in December 2021 at The Game Awards, and in January an initial beta was available for eager gamers in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. Now, the beta has expanded to Thailand and Australia (via 9to5Google). When Windows users in these countries visit the landing page for the beta, they will have an option to join the waitlist instead of being notified when the beta opens up.

Google explains that titles on Play Games for PC will be playable through a dedicated application on compatible Windows machines. Google Play Points, multi-device game progress sync (across PC and mobile), and keyboard and mouse input are supported from the get-go. Although the list of available games could vary by region, some titles on offer include Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Summoners War, State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration, and Three Kingdoms Tactics.

Google promised the minimum system requirements for playing Android games this way would reduce gradually, but they remain unchanged for now. You need a relatively high-end gaming PC packing at least an eight-core CPU, a “gaming-class” GPU, 8GB of RAM, and 20GB of free storage on an internal drive. Lenovo Thinkpads and AMD devices with less than 1GB of VRAM are also a no-go. On the bright side, Windows 10 (v2004) and newer versions are supported. So, gamers won’t have to install Windows 11 and the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) to install Play Games for PC.

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