GOG Giving Away Free Lovecraft Game for PC Gamers

Lovecraft fans are able to pick up a free copy of Lovecraft’s Untold Stories through the GOG sale that is currently running.

PC gaming comes with a wide array of choices, both in terms of what types of games are offered and where those games can be purchased. Fans of H.P. Lovecraft have many lore-inspired games to choose from, and they will be delighted to know that GOG is running a giveaway on Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, where PC users can get a copy for free.

The giveaway, which is a limited-time offer, provides Lovecraft’s Untold Stories for both Windows versions 7-11 and Mac OS X. The giveaway states that players will not need any sort of activation, and Lovecraft’s Stories Untold can be played offline as well. A log-in with the GOG website will be necessary in order to claim the game, but this will also provide access to the mentioned 24/7 support.


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Like many other games that are based around H.P. Lovecraft’s stories, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories offers a host of different characters who can investigate randomly generated levels, solving puzzles and battling horrors along the way. Each character comes with a storyline, and their styles of investigation and combat are all unique. Players can choose from the detective, thief, professor, witch, and ghoul, as they attempt to delay the inevitable submission to the Great Old Ones. There is much to uncover in the way of information about the Mythos, which is the only way to stave off madness. There are plenty of items and weapons that can be found throughout the levels which, as stated above, will generate differently to allow for a distinctive and unrepeated playthrough.

Naturally, there are levels that will put players face-to-face with the Great Old Ones – Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath, and Azathoth to name a few. It’s up to players to acquire the knowledge necessary to defeat them, but they must tread carefully so as not to delve too far and lose hold of their sanity. The game is one of many that features a tie-in with the Lovecraft realm of insanity and horrifying creatures. The pixilated graphics lend a nostalgic feeling, while not detracting from the unsettling atmosphere of cultish, bloody hospital battles and sneak attacks in the rain.

There seems to be a lot of playability with Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, which makes it a perfect get for the amount of no dollars. There’s little surprise that the horrific realm of nightmarish monsters and insanity-riddling occurrences Lovecraft created has been so influential in the gaming world since it affords such a deeply satisfying style of play. The characters understand there’s no escape, but they have to try and gain as much knowledge as possible and hold onto whatever scrap of sanity they can so that when the time comes, they will be able to face down the Great Old Ones.

The GOG giveaway for Lovecraft’s Untold Stories can be found here.

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