Game Pass Adds 2 More Games

Microsoft updates its Game Pass library to include two new games, one for consoles and PC and another that’s PC-only.

Some Xbox Game Pass subscribers are already looking forward to the new games for September 2022, as next month is set to bring a variety of brand-new, day one games and other titles. However, August 2022 isn’t over yet, and so there are still more Xbox Game Pass games to look forward to this month. As of August 25, Microsoft has added another two games to the Game Pass service for subscribers to check out.

From August 25, Game Pass subscribers can try Exapunks and OPUS: Echo of Starsong. Exapunks is only available to those with PC Game Pass or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, while OPUS: Echo of Starsong is available to play on both consoles and PC.


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For those who may not be familiar with the games, Exapunks is described as a “programming game” where players take on the role of a hacker. The twist is that the hacker is suffering from a deadly disease, and they are performing the hacks to get the medicine they need without breaking the bank. Exapunks flew under the radar when it first launched in 2018, but it has received mostly positive reviews, so PC Game Pass subscribers should be sure to check it out.

New Game Pass Games for August 25

  • Exapunks (PC)
  • OPUS: Echo of Starsong (Consoles and PC)

Exapunks is joined by OPUS: Echo of Starsong, which is a much different experience. OPUS: Echo of Starsong is a side-scrolling visual novel game with sci-fi elements. It’s the third entry in the OPUS series, but subscribers should be able to play it without having played the previous games in the series. Unfortunately, the other OPUS games are not currently available to play with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, and in fact aren’t available on Xbox in any capacity. That might be rectified at some point down the line, but for now, those needing a new visual novel to play should be able to play OPUS: Echo of Starsong without getting lost.

Exapunks and OPUS: Echo of Starsong aren’t the last new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in August 2022. On August 30, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to the addition of four more games, with Commandos 3: HD Remaster, Immortality, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Tinykin all scheduled to join the lineup on that day. Then on August 31, a whopping 10 games will be removed from Xbox Game Pass, so subscribers who are interested in any of the titles getting the boot may want to prioritize those over the new additions.

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