Druddigon weaknesses and counters in Pokemon GO

Introduced for the first time in Pokemon Black and White’s Unova region, Druddigon made its Pokemon GO debut during the game’s 2021 Dragonspiral Descent event.

Although powerful Pokemon often make their debuts only to disappear in an instant, Druddigon often returns in the mobile game’s 3-star raids.

This carnivorous draconic Pokemon is blue in color with medium-sized wings and is never seen flying. It has a rock-hard head that is bright red in color, and its claws are sharp and dangerous.

Known to be cunning and vicious, Druddigon trespasses on other Pokemon tunnels to forcefully take over them.

Considered to be one of the most powerful Pokemon in 3-star raids, it has a max CP of 3088, with 213 Attack, 170 Defense, and 184 Stamina. Its best moveset combines Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw for a total of 12.32 DPS.

Players participating in Pokemon GO’s 3-Star Raid Battle against Druddigon might need some crucial information about the creature’s weaknesses and counters.

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Druddigon is weak against Dragon, Fairy, and Ice-type attacks in Pokemon GO


Many Pokemon GO trainers are aware that Dragon-type Pokemon are often weak against attacks of their own type. However, Druddigon is also equally vulnerable to Fairy and Ice-type attacks.

Boosted by windy weather, Druddigon has high resistance against Electric, Fire, Grass, and Water-type attacks. It doesn’t take much damage from these attacks.

Trainers who run into Druddigon should, therefore, use the Pokemon types that the Dragon-type creature is vulnerable against.

However, it is to be noted that using a Dragon-type Pokemon against Druddigon can be risky because both Pokemon will be vulnerable to each other’s moves. This means whoever has the most powerful attack or the highest-bulk Pokemon will win in a battle between two Dragon-types. This is almost common knowledge among Pokemon GO trainers.

Apart from using a Dragon-Type against Druddigon, players can also use a variety of Fairy and Ice-Type Pokemon. There are plenty that can perform well against the raid boss.

Some Ice Pokemon that can go head-to-head with Druddigon are Weaville, Cloyster, Lapras, Glaceon, Regice, Articuno, Mr. Rime, Vanilluxe, Froslass, Jynx, Mamoswine, Alolan Ninetales, Dewgong, and Abomasnow.

Using the best Ice-type moves that these Pokemon have to offer, trainers can inflict heavy damage on Druddigon during any Pokemon GO battle or raid event.


The Fairy-Type Pokemon that can go up against Druddigon are Clefable, Togekiss, Sylveon, Aromatisse, and Gardevoir, among others. These Pokemon have decent Fairy and Ice-type moves as well as well-distributed defensive stats that can combine to take Druddigon down.

Ice and Fairy-Type Pokemon might have an edge against Druddigon, but they aren’t invincible against it. Trainers might find themselves in a pinch if they don’t give their all in the fight.

The aforementioned Pokemon are some of the most powerful counters that Pokemon GO trainers can use against Druddigon. If trainers don’t have these Pokemon, they can always focus on the most powerful Fairy, Dragon, and Ice-types they have in their arsenal.

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