Dodge announces limited-run Challenger Black Ghost

We’re all familiar the ubiquitous ‘black edition’ by now. Take a car that’s at the end of its production life, throw in most (if not all) the optional extras available and, most importantly, slap on gloss black trim wherever you can. Practically everybody does it, and now Dodge plans to do the same with the Challenger – only with a bit of a twist.

This is the Black Ghost and not only is it one of the final special editions to mark the end of Challenger production (boo), it is also a nod to a bit of an urban legend. In the 1970s, a mysterious Dodge Challenger RT SE roamed the streets of Woodward Avenue, Detroit, smoking anything it came across at a set of traffic lights before taking off into the night. Spooky. It was dubbed the ‘Black Ghost’ and that’s where the inspiration apparently comes for this new special edition. Like the original car, the new Black Ghost gets an all-black colour scheme which nicely contrasts with the chrome wheels. There’s also a ‘gator skin’ roof vinyl (no alligators were harmed, we assume), a metal fuel-filled door and white graphics behind the rear wheels. Inside you’ll find Alcantara on the steering wheel, seats and door inserts, along with some carbon fibre elements and a new instrument panel that’s bespoke to the Black Ghost.

But there’s more going on than just styling alterations. For one thing, it’s based on the pleasingly ludicrous Hellcat Redeye – only here Dodge has managed to extract even more power from its supercharged 6.2-litre Hemi V8, delivering 807hp, 10hp more than the ‘regular’ Redeye and matching the hardcore, drag-focused Challenger Super Stock (although very slightly behind the 2018 Demon, which we mention only as an excuse to embed the Pennzoil commercial). Expect it to edge the Redeye’s 0-60mph time of 3.8 seconds and, consequently, it gets chunky six-piston Brembos up front for after you’ve devoured a quarter-mile drag.

The Black Ghost is the sixth of seven ‘Final Call’ special editions to send off the petrol-powered Challenger ahead of the arrival of, what’s expected to be, the all-electric Charger in 2024. So if you fancy a muscle car that generates noise the organic way, the Black Ghost is your best bet. Well, if you live in America that is, and you’ve one of the lucky few who are able to secure one of the 300 build slots. No word on pricing yet, but expect a premium over the $76,000 tag on the Redeye. However much it costs, though, it is one of the last ways to spend time with the 800hp+ Hemi V8. Cheap at any price, then…

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