Chinese tech titan NetEase acquires Detroit: Become Human dev Quantic Dream

NetEase, the Chinese games and tech company best known in the west for partnering with Blizzard (opens in new tab) to bring games like World of Warcraft and Diablo to China, has bought French studio Quantic Dream for an undisclosed amount.

NetEase isn’t quite as omnipresent as more-recognisable Chinese titan Tencent, but its recent business efforts have seen it inching westward for a while now. In May this year, the company founded its first US-based studio (opens in new tab) in the form of Jackalope Games. The purchase of Quantic Dream—which makes the company NetEase’s first European studio—follows on from a 2019 investment (opens in new tab) that NetEase made in the developer which made NetEase a minority stakeholder.

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