Massive ancient lava flow seen from space looks like a giant black scar on the New Mexico desert

An astronaut photo of the Carrizozo Malpaís lava flow in the Chihuahuan Desert, New Mexico, on June 30. (Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory) An astronaut on board the International Space Station (ISS) has snapped a stunning photo of an ancient lava flow stretching across the desert in New Mexico. From above, the frozen river of … Read more

Milky Way’s graveyard of dead stars found

Point cloud top-down and side-view of the galactic underworld of the Milky Way. Credit: University of Sydney The first map of the “galactic underworld”—a chart of the corpses of once massive suns that have since collapsed into black holes and neutron stars—has revealed a graveyard that stretches three times the height of the Milky Way, … Read more

James Webb telescope reveals the ‘bones’ of a distant galaxy in stunning new image

A new photo taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has revealed the hidden gaseous “bone” structure of a distant galaxy — and it’s absolutely spectacular. The cosmic knot of gas, dust and stars belongs to the spiral galaxy IC 5332, located in the constellation Sculptor more than 29 million light-years from Earth. As … Read more

Room-temperature superconducting claim is retracted

Enlarge / Illustration of magnetic levitation using a high-temperature ceramic superconductor. A paper that claimed to provide the first evidence of superconductivity at room temperatures has been retracted by the journal Nature, even as the paper’s authors say they still have confidence in the results. The decision appears to come down to an issue of … Read more

Hear SpaceX, NASA and Hubble officials discuss mysterious new study today

NASA will hold a press conference today (Sept. 29) about a mysterious and intriguing new study, and you can listen live. The briefing, which starts at 4:30 p.m. EDT (2030 GMT), will “discuss a new study exploring potential commercial space opportunities for NASA science missions,” agency officials wrote in a statement (opens in new tab). … Read more

Nasa spots ‘protective shield’ around distant galaxies

Nasa’s Hubble telescope has spotted “protective shields” around distant galaxies. The phenomenon has long been theorised by scientists, but has been confirmed to exist for the first time. Our Milky Way’s biggest neighbours are known as the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, and have a difficult time as they tumble through space. They are pulled … Read more

Scientist resolves one of the holy grails of physical chemistry after 17 years of research

Absolute cross sections scaled per oxygen atom. Absolute cross sections per oxygen atom for a larger frequency range as derived from the XAS measurements on hydrated proton complexes and on water in acetonitrile. Credit: Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2022). DOI: 10.1002/anie.202211066 Prof. Ehud Pines is an iconoclast. What else can you call a scientist who … Read more

New study ‘gives best indication yet’ that there is liquid water on Mars | Science & Tech News

British scientists say they have found evidence which “gives the best indication yet that there is liquid water on Mars”. Their study is the first independent lead using data, apart from radar, that such water lies beneath the red planet’s south polar ice cap. But the experts have also cautioned that it “does not necessarily … Read more

Nasa releases images of ‘planetary defense test’ as spacecraft crashed into asteroid | Space

Nasa has released the first detailed images of its pioneering deep-space “planetary defense test” in which a spacecraft was crashed into a distant asteroid in an attempt to alter its trajectory. The pictures were taken by what the agency calls its “two great observatories”, the James Webb and Hubble space telescopes, which captured Monday’s impact … Read more