Boruto Has a New Problem Thanks to Momoshiki’s Sinister Possession

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 72 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, “Smaller and More Useful”, by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

The Hokage’s son has had quite the turbulent trip so far in the Boruto series. He was recently possessed by Momoshiki, with the Ōtsutsuki alien trying to rewrite his body. Luckily, the plan to use Boruto as a vessel was averted, which left Naruto grateful because he didn’t want to activate Sage Mode and kill his son, nor did he want a resurrected Momoshiki coming after Konoha.

However, things aren’t what they seem as this was just a temporary victory. The full truth has emerged in Boruto #72, which confirms the kid has a new problem at hand — and it’s all due to Momoshiki concocting an even more devious plan, making it clear he’ll never let his grip on the teen go.

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The harsh truth emerged when Boruto was called out to a Team 7 mission. The Hidden Leaf is in disarray at present, with Naruto and Sasuke both losing power recently, which is made even worse by the fact Code’s coming for a war. Konoha’s so desperate that they’re willing to take the shady scientist Amado back, as well as the sinister refugees in Eida and her destructive little brother, Daemon.

But when Boruto left home, Momoshiki’s spirit appeared and taunted him. Boruto thought he was rid of him, but Momoshiki confirmed that, after Kawaki had to use his Karma mark to kill the corrupted Boruto, part of the alien remained. Sure, he sacrificed the chance to physically manifest by rebuilding Boruto’s body, but the kid’s still cursed because Momoshiki tucked his consciousness away inside Boruto’s mind. The thought of what’s to come left Boruto irate, wondering if a solution is out there.

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Chapter 72 reveals the alien’s new plan is to push Boruto’s mind into a pocket and pilot the body, making everyone think he’s Boruto. In simplistic terms, it’s a mental swap of a possession. What’s even scarier is that Momoshiki is in the co-pilot seat right now, soaking in intel and learning everything Boruto sees and hears. The hero can’t do a thing about it, which leaves fans wondering if Boruto could end up blanking out, not knowing when Momoshiki is acting as him.

This makes Momoshiki the perfect inside man, but there could be a cure for this spy as Ino and Inojin might be able to use their Yamanaka abilities to tap into Boruto mentally. This could allow them to battle Momoshiki on the mental plane, trying to free the boy’s mind, body and soul.

Ultimately, Boruto has to inform the seniors of his predicament soon, so they could either try to cure him scientifically or use some ancient exorcism techniques. As it stands, he’s a walking time-bomb that could go off anytime soon, causing Konoha to implode and making the village vulnerable for Code to pick off.

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