August 2022 Attackers Tier List Update | Pokemon GO Wiki

  • With all of this complete, we cross-referenced our new list and compared it with our existing list in order to see just how each Pokemon changed position in order to make the changelog. Note that many Pokemon amazingly did not change position, and these Pokemon are not mentioned below.

Potential Controversy 

While we have attempted to base our tier placements on hard-data as much as possible, the nature of a tier list will tend to be naturally subjective to a certain degree, especially one of this size. For this reason, we recognize that not everyone will agree with our tiering placement. That’s 100% fine, and we welcome debate in the comments, and may even end up making additional changes to our tiers based on reader-feedback. Our one request is that you remain respectful of others, as we will gladly reciprocate.

It’s also possible that with a list this large, we may have missed a few Pokemon that have genuine utility. If you happen to notice anything missing, please let us know. And on that same note; specific tiers, in particular the C Tier, had the potential to be much larger, but we cut them roughly where we felt was reasonably worth considering in a raid when a given type is called for. This is, again, subjective, but our goal is not to rate the entire Pokedex in our tier list.

And with that out of the way, here’s the actual change-log:

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