Atomic Heart has a release date, a new trailer, and an absolute banger of ’80s Soviet pop

It’s been a while since we last heard from Atomic Heart, the alternate reality FPS-RPG set in a retrofuturistic USSR, but developer Mundfish has seen fit to give us a surprise in time for Gamescom. It comes in the form of an announcement that the game will release later this year (opens in new tab), and a new trailer showcasing the game’s gunplay, powers, enemies, and… halo-braided robot women cutting each other open with unicorn horns. Sure!

It’s one of the most in-depth looks we’ve gotten at the game’s combat so far, and it’ll look incredibly familiar to anyone who’s ever laid hands on a BioShock game. From the trailer, it looks like you’ll be wielding powers in your left hand and a weapon (ranged or melee) in your right, unless you’re toting something like a Kalashnikov that requires both hands. Combat seems to be a bit faster-paced than it was back in Rapture, though: the trailer shows the protagonist using their powers to manage throngs of fast-moving enemies and dodging out of the way of charging behemoths.

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