A Stunning Skyrim-Like Pixel Art Indie Game

World of Anterra is a new indie described as Skyrim with pixel art. Bethesda’s popular RPG franchise inspired the game. World of Anterra developer 81monkeys has already launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $99,555. It will be released in 2023, and it appears the open-world game is already getting a following.

World of Anterra is a Skyrim With Pixel Art Game

It’s important to note that World of Anterra will not be released immediately unless it hits its $99,555 goal by September 23. It is currently valued at $41,777. The developer may have drawn inspiration from Skyrim, but if the Kickstarter teaser is any indication, World of Anterra is to be much more than a pixel Elder Scrolls.

The pixel art design appears to cross between classic RPGs such as Breath of Fire and Trials of Mana and old-school simulators such as Harvest Moon. 81monkeys is creating a sophisticated environment for Anterra, complete with NPCs with their schedules and lives that evolve independently of your quest. It also goes far further than other RPGs, thanks to its novel dialogue system.

The indie game allows you to explore a variety of settings, interact with NPCs, cook your food, and go fishing, and it all sounds very detailed. Besides that, you’ll go hunting, collecting resources, crafting and building fantastic items, going on faery hunts, and doing some detective work.

  • A diverse and living world.
  • Deep and inspiring non-linear story.
  • Conversational dialogue.
  • Fast and fluid party-based combat.
  • Satisfying and accessible user interface.

81monkeys also stated that they have been working on the setting, narrative, and gaming mechanics for almost three years. Since founding the studio, this has been their passion and primary goal.

World of Anterra will release in 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. For more information, check out the World of Anterra’s Kickstarter page.

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