10 Things You Miss By Only Watching The Anime

As a member of the Big Three, Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga series of all time. It took the world by storm in the early 2000s and it’s still considered to be one of the greatest anime of all time. The story of a young boy dreaming to be a powerful ninja helped make anime more popular and it’s the first anime for many older anime fans.

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Even with all its accolades, the series is far from perfect. It’s best known for having tons of filler and the animation isn’t always consistent. On top of that, the characterization and development of the male characters are incredibly well done but are lacking when it comes to the females of the series. While anime fans definitely enjoy the anime, many fans believe that the manga is superior, especially since fans miss a lot by not reading it.

10 The Manga is More Violent

Fans of the anime may not realize how gory the series can be. The anime isn’t afraid to show people being stabbed but it definitely refrains from showcasing any blood. Not to mention, there have been several injuries that were completely omitted in order to make the anime less violent. One example is when Zaku is injured by Shino during their fight in the Chunin Exams. In the manga, his arms are completely blown off but in the anime, his arms are just severely damaged

9 Team 7 Tries To Look At Kakashi’s Face In The Manga Too

Naruto has tons of filler and very few of them are considered worth watching. That being said, there is one episode that every fan will tell new fans to watch. During episode 101 of the series, team 7 makes several comedic attempts to see under Kakashi’s mask. It’s a great look into the antics of team 7 and really shows how well they mesh. However, this episode isn’t as much of a filler as fans think. During the Zabuza Arc when Kakashi falls unconscious team 7 attempts to see under his mask. This little scene is cut from the anime but obviously, the idea is later used for the plot of a filler episode later.

8 Gaara Has A Higher Body Count

Gaara is a fan favorite, and that’s probably because he is so well developed. He changes from a violent kid who cares for no one to one of the strongest and most compassionate Shinobi in the series. However, when he was his most violent he didn’t just beat people up he actually killed them. Many fans would be surprised to learn that he is actually worse in the manga.

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While anime Gaara mostly resorts to crushing people with his sand, manga Gaara is much more brutal. Not only did he crush people but he would cut off limbs, bisect people, and even destroyed a person’s entire body except for their feet. Gaara was a huge threat in the anime but he is much more terrifying in the manga.

7 Sasuke and Sai’s Sexy Jutsu

Sexy Jutsu is one of Naruto’s most well-known Jutsu. It’s obviously used for comedic effect and many powerful characters have fallen prey to it. Naruto even teaches the attack to Konohamaru who eventually becomes incredibly proficient with it. In fact, he’s so good at it he manages to make a Sexy Jutsu of Sasuke and Sai, which the characters are understandably surprised by. This version of the Sexy Jutsu is censored from the U.S. release of the manga and completely removed from the anime.

6 The Manga Doesn’t Have Filler

The fillers are most fans biggest complaint. They often interrupted the flow of the story and they aren’t that enjoyable to watch. Nowadays most fans skip the filler on rewatches but if they read the manga they wouldn’t have to do that. Filler is used to give the manga artist more time to create each chapter. It can be a huge issue if an anime catches up to the manga so studios usually use filler to slow down the pace of the anime. Since manga artists don’t need to use filler, the manga will have nothing but the canon story, which is a much more enjoyable experience.

5 Kishimoto’s Character Designs

Kishimoto is an incredibly talented artist with a unique art style. Unfortunately, the anime series doesn’t always capture that. The best animators were typically saved for the most important episodes, so for a majority of the series the character’s designs are pretty stiff and subpar.

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The anime often lacks the intricacies and intensity of Kishimoto’s art style so a lot of the nuance is lost. The anime series is able to use voice acting and animation to elevate the story but the manga still manages to outshine the anime. Fans of the series who want a darker and grittier experience are definitely missing out by skipping the manga.

4 Amazing Cover Art

One of the best things about reading manga is seeing the amazing cover art. The cover art introduces fans to the series and allows the artist to put their best foot forward. Kishimoto’s covers are especially good as they perfectly summarize the story as well as the character’s feelings. It’s no surprise that fans often like to display their manga considering the covers are amazing pieces of art. Anyone who doesn’t read the manga is cheating themselves out of viewing incredible artwork.

3 Tenten’s Fight With Temari

Tenten’s Fight with Temari during the Chunin Exams is pathetically short. Temari completely overpowers her and she isn’t able to showcase her skills at all. The sad part is Tenten is far from weak. Her use of ninja tools is incredibly precise and she probably would have won if she had gotten a better match-up. Unfortunately for Tenten, her match with Temari is even worse in the manga. The only part of the fight that appears in the manga is when Temari catches Tenten with her fan. Temari may have severely beaten Tenten in the anime, but she completely destroys her in the manga.

2 Everyone Likes To Flip The Bird

While it’s expected for violence and gore to be censored in the anime, fans would be surprised by what else ends up being censored. Apparently crude language or “flipping the bird” is considered to be too much for anime audiences as there are several characters who do it in the manga but not the anime. Even the 9 Tailed Fox, Kurama flipped off Naruto in the manga, which is actually incredibly in character for him. It’s unfortunate that these instances are left out as they are funny and further show the characters’ personalities.

1 A More Cohesive Story

Anime fans who haven’t watched the anime because they feel like the fillers are too much or the story is too slow would benefit from picking up the manga. With only the most vital moments, the story doesn’t drag as much as the anime tends to. Considering how beloved the anime is it makes sense that the manga would be even better. Anyone who wants to see the story as it was meant to be told would definitely appreciate the manga.

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