10 Non-Marvel Characters Created By Stan Lee

Marvel has unveiled their plans for movies over the next few years, and it seems like they have a lot of content coming out to continue the MCU. None of this would’ve been possible without the man who created many of the characters audiences see in these movies: Stan Lee.

Though Stan is more widely known for his work with Marvel, he has created several other characters in his life that aren’t associated with the Marvel brand. Though they haven’t reached the same heights of popularity as Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four, many are still well worth checking out.


10 Harry Clayton

Harry Clayton is a detective in the Central London Murder Squad. After finding a bracelet with luck-altering capabilities, Clayton decides to use it for his own purposes.

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Clayton is the central character in Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, one of the few live-action shows that Stan Lee would create in his life. The character and series itself was formed from Stan’s answer to his fans as to what superpower he would like to have, which was luck. The downside to Clayton’s powers, however, is that the bracelet worsens the luck of those around him.

9 Chakra The Invincible

Chakra the Invincible is an Indian superhero who uses a nanosuit that weaponizes every Chakra in his body in order to fight supervillains in Mumbai.

The concept of Chakras being used to power combat moves or even being used in battles itself is something that’s been explored in media before, from Avatar: The Last Airbender to Naruto – one of the best martial arts animes out there. But Chakra the Invincible takes the concept, turns the dial past 11, and spawns a new hero that, surprisingly, very few people have ever heard of.

8 Starborn

Benjamin Warner was once an average guy trying to get his novel published until he discovered that he was not only an alien, but one of the galaxy’s most powerful heroes: Starborn

This character was one of many that Stan Lee created while working at BOOM! Studios, and it’s clear that his origin story does seem to follow a typical “alien living on Earth” trope. Despite this, Starborn is an extremely powerful and durable character, although it should be said that most of his abilities do seem to come from his oversuit and his signature weapon, the Hand of Glory.

7 Soldier Zero

Stuart Trautmann was a Marine Captain until a bombing left him unable to walk. When an alien parasite crashes down on him, it bonds with him, creating the hero known as Soldier Zero.

Soldier Zero is another character created by Stan Lee while at BOOM! Studios. With this character, however, it’s clear that there’s a lot of Venom in him. Both Soldier Zero and Venom get their powers from alien parasites, and both characters were bonded to soldiers that were left unable to walk, with Venom once bonding to Flash Thompson, one of the best venomized Marvel characters.

6 The Traveler

After an experiment is sabotaged, Ronald Lessik is granted the ability to control the flow of time, becoming the third of Stan Lee’s BOOM! Studios characters, The Traveler.

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The Traveler would eventually go on to team up with both Soldier Zero and Starborn in order to save the world from an imminent threat. The Traveler’s time traveling/time manipulation abilities make him a tough opponent to fight under any circumstances, although he doesn’t seem to care too much if his actions cause history and time to crumble around him.

5 The Reflected

Though Marvel would also make some great animes based on their comics, Stan Lee has made some himself, creating The Reflection, an anime series that focused on people getting superpowers during the titular event.

These superhumans, known as “Reflected,” are often at odds with each other, with some wanting to live the lives of heroes and others wanting to use their powers for evil. Though the series only lasted 12 episodes, it featured multiple different characters in it, including X-On, I-Guy, Wraith, and Mr. Mystic, the latter voiced by Stan Lee himself.

4 Steven Lee

Stan Lee doesn’t just write comics – he writes novels as well. Such was the case with The Zodiac Legacy series, which focuses on Steven Lee, a boy who gains the power of the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Tiger.

The series introduced more characters with the powers of the Zodiac, but Steven, as the main character, is the most important out of all of them. The series revolves around him leading his team to fight against the evil Maxwell and his organization, Vanguard, who want to use the powers of the Zodiac for their own nefarious purposes.

3 Ultimo

Not only has Stan Lee dabbled in anime and novels, but he has also written a full manga series called Ultimo, which stars the titular character, Ultimo, a mechanical boy called a Karakuri Dôji.

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Ultimo represents the ultimate force of goodness in the series, while his counterpart, Vice, is the ultimate force of evil. As such, the series largely on the battle between both good and evil and the fight for both to come out on top. Ultimo is shown to be a caring figure, especially towards his master, Yamato Agari, and will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

2 The Condor

The Condor, aka Tony Valdez, appeared in his titular film, released under the Stan Lee Presents banner, where he fights against a plot involving mind controlled skaters.

While the movie certainly isn’t one of the best animated superhero movies, it serves to introduce The Condor, who overall is a decent hero. Valdez becomes paralyzed during a skating competition, and is only able to move and become a hero thanks to special equipment provided by his best friend. He is shown to caring and willing to save even the main antagonist from death – something any good hero worth his tights would do.

1 Mighty 7

The Mighty 7 consist of two alien space marshals and five alien criminals forced to team up in order to survive when they crash down to Earth.

The Mighty 7 – often referred to as Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 – aren’t a perfect team, given the criminal backgrounds of the majority of the team members. But they all show that they can work together, especially when fighting against a warlike alien race and a secret human organization that wants them gone. This series notably also takes a Stan Lee cameo to a whole new level, as the legend himself is a main character.

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