10 Best Anime Races, Ranked

The thrill of competition drives people toward exciting sports and hyped-up events. Among these, the desire to race is often a universal way to decide who the better character is. Anime characters are no strangers to having their own races, no matter the time or place.

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Sometimes, an anime race could be a straightforward car race between heated rivals. At other times, it could be a race between classmates to avoid being eliminated from a competition. No matter what the circumstances are, anime races have a way of making the audience feel just as excited as the characters involved.

10 Parkouring Across The Sky Adds A New Dimension To A Race (Bubble)

Characters in anime can race in a multitude of ways, and in Bubble, it’s all about parkour. The act of free running across uneven terrain in style is the main way to traverse this broken-up city. The local inhabitants have even made a sport out of it in order to fight over supplies.

When the mysterious Uta gets involved with team Blue Blazes, she eventually joins in on one of these races, and the ensuing race across floating rubble and perilous heights is a joy to watch unfold.

9 Racing Across America Is a Dastardly Affair (Appare-Ranman!)

Appare Sorano is eccentric to the extreme, but his inventions are pushing boundaries in ways few thought possible. After being stranded in America with Kosame Isshiki, the pair realize that they only have one way to get back to Japan.

They have to earn enough money by winning the Trans-America Wild Race. The gigantic event sees Appare build his own vehicle and compete against some of the most creative and dastardly opponents to ever take the wheel of a car.

8 Racing To Get Work Done Is Sometimes Necessary (Shirobako)

When viewers start watching Shirobako, they likely expect a heartwarming drama about the behind-the-scenes of the anime industry. What they find instead is a fed-up Aoi Miyamori on her way to work, and ready to take part in an impromptu road race.

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In her Nissan March, Aoi needs to beat her rival production assistant Suzuki Alto to the punch in order to make sure that she is the first one to arrive at Misato Segawa’s house for some assistance with animation.

7 A Marathon Is More Than Just A Race (Run With The Wind)

Sports anime are often inspirational and help characters to grow and improve their own lives. In Run with the Wind, an unlikely group of students end up living together and working towards one shared goal: Participating in the Hakone Ekiden marathon.

While few of the members are initially motivated to do so and others are poor runners, they eventually pull themselves together and achieve a result that none of them could have dared to dream of.

6 A Race To Avoid Expulsion Is Just Another Day In The Life Of Ryuko Matoi (Kill La Kill)

Ryuko Matoi’s only goal was to attend Honnouji Academy and investigate the death of her father by any means necessary. However, being a student at this school is a constant test, and “No Tardies Day” was one of the first problems on Ryuko’s path.

Students must avoid expulsion by getting to school on time through an obstacle course. It turns into a hilariously over-the-top race involving armored buses and the surprisingly juvenile antics of the beloved Mankanshoku family.

5 Proving One’s Worth As A Hero Makes A Race Worthwhile (My Hero Academia)

Excelling within U.A. High School for young heroes requires students to go through various hurdles, and one of the first of these is the school sports festival.

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The first phase of the festival involved an obstacle course race to see which students could get to the stadium first. While Izuku Midoriya was still unable to fully utilize his powerful One For All Quirk, he used his ingenuity to make the environmental hazards work to his advantage to steal an unlikely victory.

4 Adam Found The Ultimate Skateboarding Opponent (Sk8 The Infinity)

Skateboarding is a popular pastime, but for the skaters of “S,” it is the ultimate challenge. It’s a no holds barred race on a dangerous natural course with zero rules. The intimidating Adam was the king of this scene.

However, an intense final showdown with the fresh talent of Langa Hasegawa sees the pair implement tricks like upside-down boards, dance moves, jumps, and even grinding down the edges of cliffs and perilous railings for a chance at victory.

3 The Most Intense Races Were Based On Real-Life Ones (Uma Musume Pretty Derby)

Real-life horse races serve as inspiration for Uma Musume Pretty Derby. Fans of the real sport can often predict the outcomes of the races in this anime as many are based on the results of the characters’ real-life horse counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t exciting.

The Japan Cup was the make-it-or-break-it race for Special Week, and despite falling to the back of the back at the start, her determination helps her to hold off her opponents and make a comeback win with a last-minute burst of speed.

2 Servants Take Any Form Of Competition Seriously (Carnival Phantasm)

The Fate franchise is full of lighter-hearted spin-offs, and none are more enjoyable than Carnival Phantasm. One moment sees the masters and their servants taking part in a road race to win the Holy Grail.

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It’s a hilarious adventure with each team having an appropriate vehicle such as Archer and Rin Tohsaka’s convertible, Saber and Shirou Emiya’s lion vehicle, and the hilariously named Beser-car. There are numerous dropouts, including the expected death of Lancer, that’s been turned into a running gag, and an unexpected victor to boot.

1 Racing On Another Planet Has Never Been This Dangerous (Redline)

The Redline is the most popular race in the galaxy, and it seemed unlikely that Sweet JP could get a spot in it. However, after some unexpected events and the news that it would take place on the deadly planet of Roboworld, it was all to play for.

After installing a hyper-powered engine in his car and jumping through hoops to get the race started, the contestants battled both each other and the local inhabitants in one of the most frantic and dazzlingly animated races put to screen.

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