10 Anime To Watch If You’re Into Witchcraft

Halloween is a time to explore spooky themes and places. Monsters, ghouls, and the like cover the Earth once more. It’s a time to revisit the worlds they live in. Halloween season is the time to explore the world and do spooky activities, but visiting the world of the supernatural and ghoulish can happen at home too.

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Whether a fan is searching for a spine-chilling adventure or a gently creepy show, there is a series for everyone for this time of year. It’s the perfect opportunity to marathon some creepy and eerie anime. Some anime particularly embody the vibes of creepy and spooky best.

10 The Promised Neverland Tells Horror From The Perspective of Kids

Some stories narrated from the children’s perspective have additional spooky value. The Promised Neverland tells a story of orphaned children. At first, their orphanage appears to be a caring, nurturing place with few rules and many commodities. However, some of the children learn what happens when they are “adopted.”

Their safe haven is actually a farm to raise children as meat for demons. With firm resolve, three of the older kids hatch a plan to save themselves and all the children in the orphanage. The first season is only 12 episodes, making it perfect to binge-watch.

9 Shadows House Is Heart-Warming and Eerie

Shadows House is lighter than some other spooky series. It fulfills the spooky need without getting scared to bits. The Shadows Family is a large household of nobles who exist as physical embodiments of silhouettes. As silhouette forms, they lack faces. “Living dolls” serve as the Shadow’s face, as well as their servant in the manor.

After Shadow Kate receives her living doll, Emilico, the two of them begin to explore the dark depths of Shadows House. The show is excellent for fans who enjoy character development and a suspenseful build up.

8 Death Note Is a Classic And Great To Revisit

Death Note creates a sense of nostalgia across many fans. It holds investigations, gods of death, twists, turns, and a constant sense of moral ambiguity. The show follows Light Yagami as he aims to shape the world in his image by eradicating crime using a supernatural notebook called the Death Note.

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For many fans, Death Note one of the first anime they ever watched. Upon revisiting, fans know the end result. However, there are several places to catch moments and actions that weren’t obvious on the original watch.

7 Blood-C Follows Monster Slayers and Mystery

Blood-C is a definite throwback. It follows Saya, a high-school girl with a double life. By day, she is a shrine maiden. By night, she and her father slay monsters, protecting their town from Elder Bairns, blood-drinking monsters. In her journey, Saya begins to realize there are gaps in her memory.

As those Saya loves are killed, there is something deeper she needs to learn about herself and this town. Fans seeking action intertwined with horror, mystery, and monsters need this show on their watch (or rewatch) list this October.

6 Higurashi: When They Cry Translates Its Horror From The Game To The Anime Well

Several successful horror or spooky franchises began as video games. Spooky towns and villages fill the horror genre. In Higurashi: When They Cry, the village of Hinamizawa hosts a festival every year. This festival is cursed, and a person dies every year at the end of the festivities. The villagers call it the “Oyashiro curse” named after the deity, Oyashiro.

The answers to this curse go deeper than a villager with murderous intent, as Higurashi delves into the realms of multiple realities and includes many plot twists to follow. Some video games do not work as well as TV series, but this instance is done well.

5 Angels Of Death Follows An Unlikely Pair

Angels of Death is a spooky story in which the viewer and the character are learning more about the world as they watch it unfold together. Rachel awakens in a facility with no memory. Moments later she meets a serial killer named Zack, who wields a scythe. The unlikely pair set off to figure out where they are and what is happening in this building.

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When rewatching, viewers know the secrets behind the mystery, but there are moments that can affect audiences differently. Also, a series following a serial killer and other twisted characters is appropriate for the season.

4 Dorohedoro Is Creepy, Grimy, & Funny All At Once

Dorohedoro works best for those looking for a spooky show laced with dark humor. The Hole, a grimy wasteland, serves as the home of Caiman and Nikaido. However, sorcerers also utilize the Hole as a practice ground for their magic and use it on the Hole’s residents. One of these sorcerers gave Caiman his lizard head.

Caiman fights to figure out who cursed him with a lizard head, and Nikaido is by his side all the way. It’s a more recent show, but several fans have already given it a rewatch. October is a great time to watch it again.

3 Mieruko-Chan Pits Mieruko Against A World Of Ghosts & Spirits

The old saying says ignorance is bliss. However, sometimes, people cannot choose the path of ignorance. In Mieruko-chan, Miro has an extra sense that others do not. She can see into the supernatural, while the average person remains oblivious. To keep herself sane and others safe, she avoids acknowledging them or showing fear.

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But ignoring spirits does not always prove to be easy. Spirits and ghosts abound in this series, which is perfect for the month of October. There are moments to be scared and moments to laugh. It is a relatively short series, making it perfect for a weekend binge.

2 Serial Experiments Lain Gives A Spooky Spin To The Internet

Serial Experiments Lain is a classic in the spooky genre. It takes horror to the cyber realm, but in a way different from more modern shows. In the world of the series, everyone loves computers called Navis. Navis connect people to “The Wired,” but the Wired appears to be more than just a network like the internet.

Strange happenings are taking place, and Lain appears at the center of it. The series combines the technological plot with visually jarring elements. The series’ unique take on the internet and its impact allowed Serial Experiments Lain to become a classic series that’s worth a rewatch.

1 Junji Ito Collection Has Plenty Of Supernatural Scares

The Junji Ito Collection travels through different stories as an anthology of Junji Ito’s works. This anthology is stellar for fans pursuing a dose of spooky with little commitment to a several-episode plotline. This anthology works as a countdown to Halloween or a kickoff to the Halloween season.

Regardless, fans of horror will have their spooky season kicked off right with this collection of stories. Whether a person loves supernatural stories or monster mayhem, the collection has an episode for every viewer who loves horror.

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