Free loan – what you should know?

Sudden, unexpected expenses can get in the way of everyone. How to organize extra money in such situations? A quick option is the fast online loan from loan companies. This is an excellent solution, especially when we decide to make a free payday loan, which allows us to give back exactly as much money as we borrowed. An explanation over at

Are free loans completely free of charge? Or is it just an ad for loan companies that has no coverage in reality? Reliable lenders always clearly state the terms of the services offered. So if they are offering a free loan, it should actually be. It is necessary to meet several conditions. What? About it below.

What to choose: a bank loan or a loan from a non-bank company?

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The first thought that appears when an unexpected expense gets in our way is: maybe a small loan in a bank? Traditional banks inspire greater confidence than loan companies that provide their services on the Internet. Contrary to appearances, definitely choosing a cash loan does not have to be more profitable than the decision to loan online. The vast majority of traditional banks do not offer free loans. Only some entities sometimes introduce this type of promotion into their offer. As a rule, however, the loan value is increased by interest and other costs.

Is a free loan even possible?

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The first loan for free is a free loan for new customers. Only clients who incur liabilities in a given loan company for the first time have the option of taking advantage of this offer. Usually this type of loan can be taken for 30, 45 or 60 days. Most lenders offer USD 3,000. The exception is Fast Cash, where you can get free financial support up to USD 6,000 (maximum of 65 days). When deciding on such a loan, we pay exactly as much as we borrowed.

However, remember not to opt for a loan without a thorough market analysis. Perhaps another lender offers a longer repayment period? Or the possibility of taking a larger loan? In these cases, the aforementioned ranking of free online loans is helpful.

What to watch out for when choosing an online loan?

Every customer has the right to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the loan offer of a given entity. The loan company is therefore obliged to inform the potential borrower about the conditions for granting the loan.

Before signing the contract, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of loan (payday loan or installment loan), duration of the contract, repayment date, total repayment amount, interest rate and any additional costs (e.g. insurance). How do you know if a loan is really free? Her APRC (Actual Annual Interest Rate) must be 0%.

It is also worth remembering that, in accordance with applicable law, each customer has 14 days from the date of the loan agreement to withdraw from it without giving a reason. So if you change your mind after a few days, you can opt out of the loan. The terms of withdrawal from the contract are contained in the contract itself or its attachment.